The Best Workout For Your Body Type.

5 Jun

Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Everyday Health. Since we were all born with a certain body type, it only makes sense that some of us will have to work out differently than the next. Some people are born with a fuller thighs and hips where as other people will have to train hard to get strong thighs. Same goes for a tiny waist, some are blessed and some will have to bust their butt. The good news is that is is all attainable, you genetics will only hold you back so much. The rest can be shaped and sculpted to your liking, have no fear.

I have attached a link to the wonderful photo slide show that Everyday Health has put together. It takes us through all the body types and what we should be zoning in on to create the changes we desire. This is a great tool for personal trainers to use too, it gives a bit of insight that would be helpful to your clients. Whatever your body type is, know that you can change it or just tweak it to make it how you want it. Working out is great like that, you shed your old body and climb into your new skin. A metamorphosis I guess we could say 🙂

Best Workout For Your Body Type…


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