Firebox Restaurant Presents; Summer Veggie Tastings.

4 Jun

Firebox is an amazingly well reviewed, farm to table restaurant located in Hartford, Connecticut. Starting Thursday June 7th, they will be rolling out a weekly vegetarian tasting menu. This situation is special and unique because they will be feeding you whatever crops Connecticut has in season and available at it’s farmers markets.

The tasting is $45 per person and the menu will be changing weekly, it will be available during dinner hours at the restaurant from 5:30-10:oo. Reservations made 24 hours in advance are strongly recommended but don’t be afraid to stop by if you happen to be in the area without a reservation, Firebox will make sure you are at taken care of. Firebox will be getting all of their produce for these menu’s at the Billings-Forge Farmers Market, it operates on Thursday’s as well and I have attached the link to it below.

The final menu is not out yet since they are waiting to see how the produce shapes up for this week. Check their website below for the 4-1-1. Please let it be known that this is NOT a vegetarian restaurant but this particular event/tasting is indeed 100% vegetarian. The restaurant sent me this info to share with you all,  so I can  safely say we will be in good hands when we go to get our veg on there 🙂 This menu is only available on Thursday’s so keep that in mind when booking your reservation.

Firebox Restaurant. 539 Broad Street. Hartford, CT. 06106. 860-246-1222. Firebox Restaurant Homepage. The Farmers Market.


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