Wholesome Sweeteners.

3 Jun

Did you know that some of the sugar we use and come across is not considered to be vegan or even vegetarian? Well this is the case since some sugar is processed using bone char. Bones of cows. Gross. I know you don’t want all that in your food and neither do I so we will move on and speak about an alternative, Wholesome Sweeteners. Wholesome Sweeteners is a 10 year old company that produces all vegan, all fair trade, non-gmo, kosher sugars. They offer so many different types of sugar is is rather amazing. Raw sugar, white sugar, blackstrap molasses, agave nectar, stevia and even coconut palm sugar are just some of the offerings from Wholesome Sweeteners. The best thing about Wholesome Sweeteners is that they make something sweet for everyone. Like their zero calorie Etheryol sweetener for people like me who like to get down with the no calorie sweets, vanilla flavored agave to make your morning cup o’ Joe a bit fancy, light corn syrup for baking and even raw and amber honey for those who are not vegan.

Everything they produce is top notch and since if is all Fair Trade you know that the people they are buying their sugar from in Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay and Malawi are not getting the raw end of the deal. These farmers get paid premium prices for their crops, as they should. People in these regions of the world don’t need ‘aid’ they just need to be paid properly for their work and product, that is why buying Fair Trade products truly does make a difference. These farmers can keep on farming without being take advantage of by ‘the big guys’.

Flippin’ Sweet.

http://www.wholesomesweeteners.com/ Wholesome Sweeteners Homepage.


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