1st Step Pro-Wellness Liquid B12 Complex.

29 May

The people over at 1st Step Wellness were kind enough to send me over some things to sample and the first product I dug into was the liquid B12 Complex. Flavored like ‘tropical fruit’ this 2oz bottle of B12 is equal to 2 servings and needs to be refrigerated once it is opened. I usually have a strong dislike for the way these supplements taste but I must say, this one is pretty good. You can drink it on its own or easily mix it into your morning smoothie. As veg heads we know how important it is to be sure our B12 levels are proper and this product from 1st Step Wellness makes it super easy to do.

Unlike most other B vitamin supplements, 1st Step does not contain any caffeine or stimulants, is made with natural flavors and real sugar to sweeten it up, not chemicals. I highly recommend this product for its easy to use style, quick abortion into the body and vegetarian/vegan friendly status. Read more about it below…

http://1ststepprowellness.com/healthy_energy.html Liquid B12 Complex.


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