Restaurant Review: The Source.

24 May

Veg dining in San Fran is simply unparalleled to anywhere I have ever been, NYC comes in at a close second but then Toronto is right at its heels. I have been blessed with a life that allows me to travel quite a bit therefore I have eaten at 100’s of vegetarian restaurants all over the world in the past 4 years. Not one comes close to The Source. I am sorry to offend anyone, it is not meant as a dis to the 100’s of other veg restaurants I have shoved my pie hole full at, The Source is simply in it to win it. Mission Accomplished.

Not only is The Source located in a super cool part of San Fran, it is owned by a super cool guy and the super amazing food is cooked by his chef brother. Being that it is such a small world, the owner of The Source is O.G.N.J.(Original Gangsta New Jersey) and just so happened to live 8 blocks from me when he did reside here. Having honed his restaurant ownership skills here in Jerz he longed for a change of pace, a new city and a new restaurant and this is how The Source was born. He actually sold his fathers butcher shop in Fort Lee, NJ and used that money to open The Source. How cool is that?

The Source is located in a strip mall type situation, it is a decent size and it smells like heaven when you walk in. Pizza was the first thing I smelled and it was PIZZA not some ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not’ type stuff, I mean real deal, NJ/NYC smelling pizza. Sold. So once we got the menu I was just blown away and pissed at the same time. Pissed it was our last night in San Fran and it was our first time at The Source. I could eat every single item on that menu, if I lived in San Fran they would need to take a restraining order out on me or just let me work there, that is how often I would be there. Everyday. No joke. It is that good.

When it comes to the food situation they offer everything your veg heart desires. Want to be all healthy? Then go for a raw super greens salad, they have an awesome selection of healthy salads. Want to get down with some fried chow? The Source has you covered, from these AMAZING spicy buffalo bites (the best thing I ever tasted in my life, right up thee with the Po Boy I had at Green in Arizona) to spring rolls. Their pizza is to die for, vegan and vegetarian style, I went vegetarian and must say the pizza was in the top 10 I ever had in my life. Then once you stuff your face with food, stuff it again with dessert. Vegan ‘Twinkies’ or ‘Hostess’ cupcakes anyone? Yeah that’s what I thought.

So yeah, The Source is the straight up BUSINESS and if you are ever in San Fran, veg head or carnie you MUST go to The Source. There ain’t no more to it 🙂

The Source. 11 Division Street @ Deharo. San Francisco, CA. 415-864-9000. Open 7 Days From 11am-10pm. The Source Homepage.
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