Age Less, Live More. Take It From A Man Who Is Living Proof…

21 May

There are some people who absolutely fascinate me and Bernando LaPallo is on the top of that list. At the age of 111, almost 112, Mr. LaPallo has had many titles in life. From dad to grandpa from chef to author, Bernando LaPallo has led a life that is full, rich and strictly vegetarian. Bernando is believed to be the worlds oldest blogger, he wrote his first book at age 107 and he says he plans on living to 125. The craziest thing about Bernando is how YOUNG he looks, I would say he looks about 70-75 years old in the video below which is from 2010. It is hard to believe this man was born is 1901.

Mr. LaPallo has always known that his health and ability to stay both physically and mentally sharp are the most important things in life. He credits his longevity to his strict vegetarian diet and he says that there are 5 particular foods he believes have led the way to his 112 year on this planet. Chocolate, garlic, olive oil, cinnamon and honey are his 5 magic foods and he believes that his consumption of honey is the reason why he has never been sick a day in his life. At 111 he still takes care of himself and even makes rare but cherished and special appearances around the country to talk about his life and how he has managed to stick around so long 🙂

I find it to be absolutely amazing that this man is 111 years old and he is all with it. I have never seen anything like it in my life, I know people who are 1/3 this man’s age who are worse off. His skin has no wrinkles and he does use olive oil on his skin everyday so take note to how well that has worked out for him. He also believes in exercising everyday, that is why he walks 1.5 miles every morning without the assistance of a walker. If Bernando LaPallo is not a true testament to how a healthy diet and regular exercise can help us achieve a long healthy life, than I don’t know who is.

You can learn more about Bernando and his life in his book, ‘Age Less, Live More’. You can buy it off his website which is linked below… Age Less, Live More, Bernando LePallo’s Website. An Interview With Him.


3 Responses to “Age Less, Live More. Take It From A Man Who Is Living Proof…”

  1. corey May 23, 2012 at 4:58 pm #

    Stay strong my Brother!


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