Don’t Forget The Folate.

18 May

Folate is a water soluble B Vitamin that naturally appears in many foods. Folate helps the body support red blood cell production, prevents anemia and helps our nerves function in the correct fashion. It pretty much helps our cells function and assists in tissue growth. Folate is extra important to pregnant ladies because it helps to prevent neural tube defects in babies. Here are 10 foods that pack a punch of folate. Eat up!!!

10 Foods That Are Full Of Folate.

1-  Raw Sunflower Seeds.

2- Lentils.

3- Broccoli.

4- Beets.

5- Spinach.

6- Asparagus.

7- Mustard Greens.

8- Romaine Lettuce.

9- Pinto, Black, Navy, Garbanzo, Kidney Beans.

10- Parsley.


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