What To Eat After You Work Out.

12 May

What you eat after you work out is just as important as what you do during you work outs. I don’t even consider my work out done until I am refueled with my magic potion and Ezikel toast. Fuggedaboutit. You tore it up, now fix it 🙂 So what is one to ‘fix it’ with? Let us explore more below, break it down a bit…

-Protein. The amount of protein you take in after you work out all depends on how much you weigh and how hard you work out. The average seems to be somewhere in the 20-50 grams range. The protein powder of choice is whey, it is quickly absorbed. If you are vegan look for a plant based source with at least 20 grams of protein per scoop. I am currently using Plant Fusion mixed with my whey and swear I have seen results from it. I believe in the power of plant based protein too.

-Fruits. Berries and bananas seem to be the fruits of choice among those who lift when it comes to fruit and recovery. Get down with it. Cherries are also highly acclaimed in the world of post work out foods. You can buy bags of berries frozen toss them in a blender with a banana, scoop of whey and some soy milk for a great recovery shake.

-Fats. Some fat after you work out is a good thing. Nut butters are a good source of both protein and healthy fats so toss some into your smoothie or spread some on some sprouted grain bread to form a nice complete protein sandwich, veg style. Also soy milk is a great source of protein and also contains fat, use it as the liquid in your smoothie to get the benefits of both.

-Carbs. Many people will use their fruit as the carbs for their recovery. This makes sense since fruit is a faster digesting carb but many people will need a slower digesting carb to keep them feeling full. Enter oatmeal and sprouted grain bread. You can even toss a scoop of protein powder into your oatmeal after you cook it to make it super easy. (This is a great way to use tasty protein powders as well.) Sprouted grain bread is low on the glycemic index and has a good amount of both protein and fiber to keep you fuller for longer. Try Ezikel Bread.

And I think that has it covered. No matter what be sure you refuel. You see there are many different ways to get what you need, so mix and match and make it happen 🙂


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  1. view website June 5, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    Obtaining six pack abdominals is not about doing a ton of basic crunches every day. It is not about buying one of the most costly gear you see on TV or some kind of magic pill that will do it for you.

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