Bagel Spice.

6 May

Bagel Spice is an ingenious invention. It is simply all of the spices that come on an everything bagel, packaged together in a small shaker bottle that is ready to be shook on any and everything. There literally is no limit to how you can use these spices, I have used them on kale chips, steamed potatoes, in hummus and on whack everything bagels. Everything bagels are so tricky cuz everything can and does tend to fall off the bagel and into the bag or wrapper, this is where Bagel Spice steps in and saves the day.

At this currently moment in time, I am eating a whole wheat everything and the ‘everything’ was more like ‘nothing’. I was upset until I realized I can just toss some Bagel Spice onto it and be done. I didn’t just do 45 minutes of cardio to NOT eat this damn bagel 😉 So now we are happy all around. I was fortunate enough to meet the man behind this product at the New York City Veg Food Festival last month and let me say, he is as cool as his product is. You can purchase Bagel Spice right off their website, it comes in original, salt free and zesty jalapeno. I have tried the first 2 and cannot believe I didn’t pick up the third, it sounds amazing.

‘Spice Up Your Life.’ Bagel Spice.

Bechara Jaoudeh, The Man Behind The Spice.

Bechara Jaoudeh, The Man Behind The Spice.


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