What The Heck Is A Superset?

4 May

If you lift weights long enough eventually you will hear words like ‘Circuit Train’, ‘Superset’, ‘Dropset’ etc. Since we already discussed the definition of circuit training and what it entails, I figured we should move onto ‘Supersetting.’ Not as crazy or scary as it sounds, supersets are simply 2 exercises that are performed back to back with no rest.

You can perform supersets in 2 ways. The most common way people superset is to hit body parts the compliment each other back to back. Like a bicep curl straight into a triceps dip or a chest press into a bent over row. The other way is to go from say a biceps curl into a hammer curl. You will be working the same muscle again but you will be hitting it differently with each exercise. If you do choose to superset this way, be sure you are using a low enough weight for your second round of exercise because you will be more fatigued than if you went for the biceps then the triceps. Make sense?

I highly recommend training in this fashion, it is a great way to keep your heart rate up, really work your muscles and get the most bang from your workout in the shortest amount of time. You will train with more intensity this way, you will be more likely to change your work out up if you superset and we all know that the more you change around your work out, the better your gains will be. Plus this is a great way to overload your muscles without having to lift heavy, for those who have health issues or simply do not fancy heavy lifting. Although supersetting is considered to be a more advanced form of weight lifting, it is safe for most to try. So what are you waiting for? Make your work out work for you with supersets.




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