Cerea Vegetarian Dog Chews.

3 May

Honestly these are the BEST dog chews EVER. They last super long, are vegetarian, are low in fat and are gentle on dogs stomachs. I have 3 Chihuahuas and 2 of them tear through bone like things with the quickness and lets be real, faux rawhides are expensive so I was blowing through bags of sweet potato bones left and right. Last weekend at the new Pet-Value in Edgewater, NJ we came across these Cerea Dog Chews. They come in all crazy shapes like toothbrushes and hedgehogs. We went with the toothbrushes and they literally kept all 3 of my dogs occupied for over an hour. Even my oldest dog who is well…old and picky loved it and gnawed at it until it was gone. There was no mad rush to the water bowl as there used to be with real rawhide and there was no weird pooping or throw up, so I consider our first venture into Cerea Vegetarian Dog Chews to be a great success 😉

I do believe this company is based in the Netherlands (LUCKY) from what I gather and their products are rather new to the shelves of pet stores here in America. This was my first trip into a Pet Value but from what I gather they all carry this line. You can also find them on line Veggiepets.Com or Ebay. I have attached a link below so your dogs can get their cruelty-free chew on…

http://www.veggiepets.com/acatalog/cerea_vegetarian_dog_chews.html For Sale At VeggiePets.Com


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