Goody Good Stuff.

1 May

Raise your hand if you love candy!!! Now raise you hand if you like gelatin. Didn’t think so. Gross. Gelatin is so nasty and has severely put a dent into which candies I can and cannot eat. This maybe not be a bad thing lol but it is nice to know that I can reach for something unhealthy from time to time. A girl needs her treats, I am no angel and life is tooooo short 😉

One of my favorite candies ever has to be those delicious gummy coke bottles. YUM. I used to eat those all the time, then I went veg and cut out the gelatin. It had been years since I ate them until last weekend when I decided it was time for another trip to Sweet Avenue Bakery. The most amazing cupcakery in the world located in Rutherford, NJ. As I was ordering up 4 different cupcakes I noticed they had these containers of the coke bottle candies and it said VEGAN on it. So of course I grabbed one. And as predicted they were awesome so obviously I needed to find out where these came from. So I did.

Goody Good Stuff is the brand behind these delicious, fat free, all natural, dairy free, nut free, high fructose corn syrup free tasty treats. Besides the classic coke bottle gummies they also replicate sour patch kids, sour patch fruits, those strawberries and creme joints, their peach counterparts and a few more to boot. Everyone LOVES them, the reviews on the interwbs are all great and since they seem super hard to find in the US (only available at a select few stores), ordering them off VeganEssentials or Amazon seems to be the easiest thing. I was shocked to see that I had never come across these before, at a veg fest, at a vegetarian market  but now we know and ‘knowing is half the battle’ 🙂 Goody Good Stuff Homepage. Order From VeganEssentials.Com


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