Read This: The Happy Herbivore.

28 Apr

The Happy Herbivore is an amazing cookbook that teaches us how to make delicious low-fat and fat-free vegan dishes. This is the type of cookbook that everyone needs from experienced vegans to recent converts because to put it simply, the recipes rock. There are no fancy ingredients needed, the time it takes to make these dishes is totally realistic and there are no added fats in any of the recipes, sounds pretty good, right?

This book is for the foodie in us all. You will learn how to make french toast minus the eggs, tofu scramble with no added oil and of course infamous veggie burgers. I recommend this cookbook for everyone who is looking to get healthy and eat better. You will never miss the animal ingredients if you cook like this and best of all, this book is easy to read, easy to follow and the foods are easy to make.


One Response to “Read This: The Happy Herbivore.”

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