Ditch The Detox*.

27 Apr

Am I the only one who thinks detoxing is kind of crazy? Sure restricting calories every now and then has its benefits but straight up denying your body food seems harsh, unrealistic and down right bad for the body. I mean honestly, why would anyone who can afford to eat want to starve themselves? And how can one think that starving themselves is a good idea? Well it all usually comes down to vanity and wanting to lose weight but while you are waiting for that weight to fall off you maybe wrecking more havoc on your body then you bargained for. Let us explore what really happens to your body while you are on a typical juice based detox…

First, we start to fool the body with some juice to try to cure its hunger pains. This may work for a minute but within a half and hour you will be crashing because your cells are taking in all the glucose and your blood sugar level may start to drop. This will lead you to feel dizzy and all around junky. And since you are not taking in enough calories, your body is being forced to use its glycogen stores in the liver or in your muscles. Since you are only drinking some type of juice, by the 2nd day of your detox your body is already begging for mercy. The juice you drink is causing a constant up and down with your insulin levels, you have depleted almost all of your glycogen stores and you are cranky, tired and feel weak. Not to mention your body is now starting to take protein straight from your muscles, don’t be fooled by thinking you are losing fat, you are unfortunately losing muscle, which as well all know is hard to gain. As you move into day 3, your body moves into starvation mode causing you to feel unfocused and irritable, at this stage it is almost impossible for you to reach a state of mental clarity, your brain and body are too mad at  you. Since you have not been eating any protein your brain is not getting enough fuel in the form of amino acids, this makes you more easily depressed. Day 3 also brings along more bad news for your shrinking muscles, since you are not fueling them they are breaking down into ammonia and uric acid. These nasty chemicals are entering your blood stream and now your body has to truly detox itself from your detox. Once day 4 and 5 come along, expect some diarrhea to come aboard. Since your intestines have not been doing any work, they are mad and you will get diarrhea and stand a good chance of getting dehydrated along with it. Dehydration leads to tons of nasty things like muscle cramps and upset skin. Now by the end of your week-long detox, your body is straight up in shock and you are now pumping it with solid foods. This sounds great but since you lost all that muscle over the past week, your body’s daily caloric burn is nowhere near where it used to be which leaves you extremely susceptible to weight gain. This is how the battle of the yo-yo diet continues or worse off, starts.

So basically this is what happens to you on a detox. Most people who enter a detox program have no idea what they are evening trying to ‘rid’ their body of. People who are prone to depression should never attempt a detox since depression is one of the side effects, it will affect those prone to it even more. At the end of they day, the only things you lose from a detox are muscle and sanity. Naturally detoxify your body by drinking lots of fluids, eating fresh fruits and veggies is the way to go. But of course we should not be eating anything but those types of foods to being with, right 😉



*I KNOW there are going to be some people who are straight up against this post because they swear by detoxes. I apologize if I offend you BUT it is what it is, if you don’t like it simply take it with a grain of salt and keep it moving. Please do not leave me nasty comments, I will not entertain them, post them or even comment on them. Maybe your detox was a positive experience but I am going with Science on this one.


8 Responses to “Ditch The Detox*.”

  1. davebrown9 April 27, 2012 at 9:24 am #

    I agree. Detoxing through calorie restriction makes no sense at all. Detoxing can much better be accomplished by restricting foods that contain little or no supportive nutrition, replacing them with foods and beverages rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. In fact, making this sort of permanent alteration in dietary intake furnishes the body with the biochemicals it needs to automatically detoxify itself continually.

    • Author April 27, 2012 at 9:46 am #

      I thought I was the only one!!!
      I always figured, eat well and the body will be well. We naturally detox ourselves, all of this other nonsense is well…nonsense. And people are making a fortune selling people this stuff!!!! Lose weight, gain weight the cycle is nuts and the only people winning are the ones pushing this junk.
      Glad someone who knows what they are taking about agrees, I was waiting for an onslaught of negativity lol.

  2. askdrjames April 27, 2012 at 4:25 pm #

    I often suggest detox for patients. However, a proper detox should not deplete nutritent from the body. I do agree that there are some crazy detox out there. The best is to go to a health professional. A proper detox and/or cleansing does not mean starvation. If anyone is doing a detox or cleansing program and ended up feeling tired or lack of energy, then it’s not a proper detox.


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