Good Mood Foods.

25 Apr

As more and more research is done on the foods we eat and how the effect us, it should come as no surprise that some foods have the ability to make us feel better, happier and well adjusted. Next time you are at the market, toss a few of these options into your cart and be on your way to a happier you 🙂

5 Good Mood Foods.

1- Sunflower Seeds. Rich in Magnesium, sunflower seeds can help step up your body’s production of dopamine. Without a decent amount of dopamine in your system you can feel stressed and frazzled. Grab a handful of sunflower seeds, eat them raw, toss them on a salad, grind them into a paste and use as a pate. Whatever floats your boat.

2- Peppers. Vitamin C is the front-runner in Peppers offerings. Vitamin C can help prevent the body from producing cortisol which is known as the ‘Stress Hormone’. Yellow peppers come in first, followed closely by red than green. Peppers are great used in burritos, chopped on a salad or eaten fresh with some hummus.

3- Chickpeas. Floate is a B Vitamin that is necessary for the body’s production of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is associated with pleasure. Chickpeas are the base of hummus so grab a pita and dig in or simply throw some chickpeas on your salad or make a 3 bean salad with black and kidney beans.

4- Walnuts. Studies show that eating 1 serving of Walnuts a day has been linked with a healthier heart and a healthier body weight. We are now told that walnuts can boot the body’s production of serotonin, which is a hormone that increases our feeling of well-being. Raw, unpeeled walnuts are the best way to get the most benefits from them, so grab a few and a nutcracker and you are on your way.

5- Avocados. Packed with B Vitamins, Avocados help replenish the depleted stores of B vitamins in the body that stress ravages. They are also packed with potassium which helps to lower our blood pressure also. Anyway you eat avocado is just fine, smash it into guac or slice it on a veggie burger.


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