Green Planet Water.

24 Apr

So lately I have been getting a bit tripped out about drinking out of plastic everyday. Yes I have a Sigg, I love it, have had it for 3 years now and I use it everyday but inevitably I end up drinking something from a plastic container and deep down inside, I same starting to wonder ‘Is this not a good look?’ All this stuff I hear about plastic seeping into the contents of what we are drinking just makes me stop and think a bit more these days. So obviously I was totally psyched when the bottle of Green Planet water appeared in my face at the airport in San Fran a few days ago. Right on the front of the bottle it says ‘Petroleum Free Bottle Made 100% From Plants’. Cha-Ching.

Green Planet bottles are made from a biopolymer called Ingeo. Ingeo is made from the sugar in field corn aka Dextrose but could truly be made with any type of abundantly available sugar, making Ingeo a truly eco-friendly and sustainable product. Corn is the sugar of choice here in the USA because we grow so much of it to feed livestock, therefore making a product like this does not require more land to grow crops on, nor will it put a dent into the world’s food source. Ingeo is also certified by GeneScan to insure that no GMO’s are used in their product.

Bonus’ are that the water tastes amazing and that you can also reuse the bottle as many times as you like, unlike your average plastic bottle which gets all leechy and nasty for your health. I know I am not the only one who feels this is how all plastic bottles need to be made. So here’s to hoping this trend blows up in  the near future 😉


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