The Honor Courage Commitment Run.

20 Apr

Regardless of where we stand on war as individuals, I fell it is important that we do support our troops, both at home and over seas. I personally don’t like war because I am pretty much a ‘Cosmopolitan Hippie’ but I support our troops, I admire them, praise them and thank them for what they do. That is why I think it is so important that I shed some light on the run that is going on for wounded vets. The Jersey City Police Marine Corps Association honors their fellow soldiers by doing a 600 mile run to raise funds for vets who come how wounded. As we all know, this economy and world are crazy enough, imagine having to come home from war, wounded?

The Honor Courage Commitment Run started from Journal Square in Jersey City, New Jersey and will end at Beirut Memorial at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. They are currently over half way through their mission and should be arriving at the North Carolina base on Saturday, they run 24 hours a day in relay style form. The crew consists of about 25 people who run about 3 miles every 10 hours.

So far there have been about 35,000 troops wounded in combat since 2001, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many more lives have been lost along the way. Please consider supporting the Honor Courage Commitment Run, your donations go to a great cause. Links to the web site and an article about the run below… Article About The Run The Run’s Homepage. You Can Donate Here.


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