Earnest Eats.

19 Apr

One of my most recent healthy snack discoveries come from Earnest Eats. And they rock. Earnest Eats is a wonderful little company who makes all natural, wheat-free, healthy yet tasty snacks such as baked whole foods bars and granola planks. And from what I can tell all of their offerings are also vegan 🙂

I happen to come across a box of these guys while waiting in line at T.J. Maxx. You all must think I live at that place, from dog treats and shampoos to human treats and shampoos I am always scoring at T.J. Maxx and reporting back lol. Anyways, there are 6 bars in each box of whole food bars, those are what I came across. I went with the choco peanut butter and I also saw a cranberry lemon zest one next to it which I am going to have to go back and pick up because this one I had was amazing. Packed full of good foods like almond butter, whole oats and dark chocolate chips, the texture was perfect and the taste was outstanding.

Earnest Eats are snacks for the healthy at heart who are on the go. There is no need to load up on junk food when you can stock you car and purse with goodies like this…

http://earnesteats.com/ Earnest Eats Homepage.


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