Vegetarianism In Religion.

18 Apr

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Religion. Very touchy subject, huh? I grew up with a good amount of it in my life, as did my parents. They passed it onto us, giving us the choice, option and chance to believe. I thank them for that but once I got old enough to form my own logical opinions, I said ‘No Thanks’ to organized religion and honestly, I have not looked back. I guess you can say that I ‘believe in the universe’ and its wonder and mystery. Organized religion is just too scary for me, it’s like they scare you with guilt and hell. Seems so odd to me since these God and Jesus characters appear to us to be anything but mean and fiery.

Anyways, since I am surrounded by so many different races and creeds of people, I often wonder about vegetarianism and religion. To be quite frank, I wonder where we went wrong most of the time. How did this blood lust occur and is it really ‘Godly’ and ‘Holy’? You all know what I think, no, it is not but I am not religious so who am I to say. But when it comes down to it, ‘vegetarianism’ is touched upon in all of the major world religions. No the word ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegetarianism’ does not appear in the bible, torah or Qur’an but is it hinted at many a times, most frequently in Judaism, which I was shocked to learn.

With the foundation of all the major world religions being so  similar it saddens me to see that religion is the basis for so much war fare and hate. So sad. So far from what is was supposed to be about. It also makes me sad to know that out of all of the worlds major religions only a few are exclusively vegetarian for moral, ethical and environmental reasons. I wish it was touched upon more and thought about it more because no matter who you are praying to, you know they were/are not eating meat.

Put The Compassion Back In Religion… About The Worlds Major Religions. Jesus And Vegetarianism. LDS And Mormon Vegetarianism. Judaism And Vegetarianism. Hindu’s And Vegetarianism.

vegetarianism: the higher taste

vegetarianism: the higher taste (Photo credit: robpurdie)


4 Responses to “Vegetarianism In Religion.”

  1. davebrown9 April 18, 2012 at 9:34 am #

    Excerpt from an article entitled Greasy Pastures:

    “One day I was reading in Exekiel 34:14 where it calls the pasture “FAT” pasture! In looking up the Hebrew word “fat” I found that it means “greasy”. The question that came to my mind was “why would we want a greasy pasture?” Evidently most translators of modern translations of the Bible couldn’t figure out why “greasy pastures” could be a correct translation, so they translated the word figuratively (rich pasture, lush pasture, green pasture, etc.) which totally hides the agricultural information that we need to know.”

    In certain respects it’s the mineral content of food that determines how healthy a person (or animal) will be. I do extreme gardening to protect my own health. This involves loading up the soil surrounding our home with minerals from leaves. Eventually, I plan to recycle the nutrients shed by our bodies on a daily basis. Before I can do that I have to build a separating toilet to collect urine and solid waste.

    Now that I’m retired I plan to spend the remainder of my life enriching the soil surrounding our home. This excerpt gives me something to aim for.

    “On a recent morning, using a soil coring device, Oyuela-Caycedo extracted a heavy, black dirt in a spot he calls Salvavidas, or Lifesaver. It was terra preta, black, nutrient-rich, as good for agriculture as the soil in Iowa. ‘It is the best soil that you can find in the Amazon,’ said Oyuela-Caycedo, who wore netting over his face to protect him from mosquitoes. ‘You don’t find it in natural form.’ Three feet deep here, and stretching nearly 100 acres, this terra preta could have fed at least 5,000 people. The forests here were also carefully managed in other ways, Oyuela-Caycedo believes, with the Indians planting semi-domesticated trees that bore all manner of fruit, such as macambo, sapote and jungle avocados.”

    I love ancient agriculture. Modern agriculture sucks nutrients from soil. Ancient agriculture enriched soil for future generations.

    • Author April 18, 2012 at 4:57 pm #

      Amen. It scares me to see how void of nutrients the fruits and vegetables I eat are.
      Never in my life have I eaten fruit that doesn’t taste like anything until the past few years.
      I hope one day to be doing extreme gardening as you are, you will yield the most nutritious foods, as they are supposed to be!!!

  2. The Soulicious Life April 18, 2012 at 9:41 am #

    VERY interesting post and something I’d never thought of before. Thanks for shedding some light!

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