Get Back.

17 Apr

Tis the season where it all hangs out. From tank tops to short skirts, skin is in and you can’t get around it. So since you can’t escape it, it’s time to tone it and today we will deal with the back. Upper, lower and everything in between. Training your back is very important for a multitude of reasons so be sure you are hitting all parts equally as you chug along at the gym. Here are what I think to believe to be the top 5 moves for a strong, sculpted back…

1- One Arm Dumbbell Rows. This is a great exercise that helps to target both side of the back equally since you do each side individually. You will need a bench and a dumbbell to do this exercise.

2- Bent Over Lateral Raise. Beware, this exercise may require you to use less weight than you usually do. It is a challenging exercise that works the posterior deltoids and also the shoulders by default.

3- Lat Pull Down. There are specific machines at the gym for this exercise. Be sure you are using proper form for this one, most people do not and it is very easy to hurt you back while performing this exercise. Keep it slow and controlled.

4- Bent Over Barbell Row. Be sure you keep your head down and forward as you pull the barbell back through your shoulder blades. This exercise hits the whole back due to the way you stand to perform it.

5- Dumbbell Pull Back. This is another exercise that will require you to use less weight than you normally do. This one may feel awkward at first but you get used to it.


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