My Favorite Famous Vegetarian Family.

13 Apr

It is safe to say that I am a pretty hard core Beastie Boys fan and I have been for a long time. I LOVE THE B-BOYS!!! They are just one of those groups, that to me, does not put out junk music. They are extremely talented musicians and come across as ‘Down-To-Earth’ kind of guys. So now I come to find out, I not only like Mike D. the rapper and musician, I am also forming a mild obsession with his whole family. His whole vegetarian family that is. No need to worry, I am not a stalker and will not show up at your kids school. Promise 😉

Married since 1993, Mike D and Tamra Davis are kind of the ish. And yeah Mike D is well, Mike D but Tamra is no slouch herself. This director is the woman behind the lens of some hilarious movies and show such as, ‘CB4’, ‘Half Baked’, ‘My Name Is Earl’, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ and ‘Billy Madison’ just to name a few. The yoga practicing couple are parents to 2 son’s Davis and Skyler, they health of their children and what they eat is what prompted Tamra to start her online cooking show called ‘The Tamra Davis Cooking Show’. Her vegetarian cooking show teaches you how to make kid approved, healthy vegetarian recipes. But don’t worry its not just for kids. As if that was not enough, she also has a cookbook out called  ‘Make Me Something Good To Eat.’ So see, you have to agree that this vegetarian family rocks thru and thru 😉

So here is a big up from Veggie Fitness to the Davis-Diamond household for passing on the health and compassion of a vegetarian lifestyle to your 2 adorable children. Rock On. About Her Cookbook. Her Cooking Show. And An Interview With The Couple. Buy Her Cookbook Make Me Something Good To Eat.


3 Responses to “My Favorite Famous Vegetarian Family.”

  1. Jayalakshmi (@Vetrimagal) April 13, 2012 at 9:16 am #

    Thanks. I was checking for those messages , and thinking , it could not be you!

    • Author April 13, 2012 at 10:08 am #

      No it’s not me. I got hacked 😦
      Sorry for the nonsense.


  1. the cook(book)ing school: For the Vegetarians – The Native Foods Cookbook | the cook(book)ing school - April 19, 2012

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