How To Pick A Personal Trainer.

8 Apr

I totally get that some people roll their eyes at the term personal trainer and trust me, after seeing most in action, at times I feel the same way. But on the other hand they can be your best asset as you enter the world of fitness. Sure the machines at the gym may seem easy to use but did you know that more often than not, you are not even sitting in those machines properly? Something that simple can lead to a world of hurt. Not to mention it can make your workouts a total waste of time. Most gyms offer 2-3 complimentary training sessions when you join the gym, use them, take advantage of them and of the trainer. You can often tell the gym that you prefer a male or female and once you get assigned a trainer, pick their brain. Most trainers don’t want to be all preachy and over load you with info but if you are trying to learn a lot in those 3 sessions then start asking away.

If you already belong to a gym and are thinking of hiring a personal trainer then I suggest doing the following. First off, scan the trainers. Watch how they interact with their clients, see if their clients show any progress and lastly look at the trainers physique. Sure lots of people will tell you ‘it doesn’t matter what the trainer looks like’ but I am here to tell you that IT DOES. Why would you pay someone to teach you things that they don’t even preach? That is nonsense, don’t do it because for every trainer who does not practice what they preach there are 10 who do and are willing to help take you to the next level. Secondly, if you see trainers on their phones, don’t waste your time with them cuz all they will do is waste your time. There is never any reason for your trainer to not be paying attention to you, there is too much at risk, texting and chatting on the phone have no place on the gym floor. Third, see if the trainer even likes their job. Many people study things in college because they think they will like to do ‘that’ when they are an adult. As we all know, lots of things change in people lives from age 18-38. There is no need to be around someone who does not love fitness, find a trainer with fire and passion. And lastly, certifications. Sure we need them, and yes they do help but how and where someone gets certified is not as important as it seems. The trainer who lives the lifestyle will know more then the person who studied it 10-20 years ago just because. Don’t stress the certification, do stress that they know what they are talking about and that they love it 🙂

These are some of the best tips I can give you when it comes to choosing a trainer. This is a lifestyle so it would make sense to hire someone who lives it, right? Now if only all things were so easy lol.


5 Responses to “How To Pick A Personal Trainer.”

  1. Ashley Karse April 9, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    I completely agree! My first P.T. was ridiculous. I injured myself within two sessions because he wasn’t paying attention.I eventually moved on to another gym and it changed my mind about personal trainers all together. Art of Strength has the best personal trainers in Michigan. They are with you every step of the way. The push you only because they know you are capable of experiencing the workouts that they provide. I’ve been introduced to new workouts that I NEVER thought I’d do. I am officially obsessed with working out thanks to the motivation of my personal trainer. Every session just makes me want to do better than before and keep progressing. Check them out if you ever get a chance.

    • Author April 9, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

      That is so awesome to hear!!!


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