The World’s Five Healthiest Places.

31 Mar

Below I have thrown together a list of what I have found to be the ‘ Five Healthiest Places In The World’. Longevity, quality of life, low obesity rates, healthy diets and partaking in daily exercise all come into play. This list is in no particular order and it is what I just pulled together from some research and reading, some will totally disagree with this and that is all good cuz honestly, I have never been to these places and I am sure the people writing these ‘facts’ did not actually go there either. Sometimes, we all look better on paper, if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰ If you know of any other places that are rockin it in the health department feel free to add them on…

The Worlds Healthiest Places.

1- Southeast Asia.

This really comes as no surprise. Southeast Asia has long been know for their longevity, low rates of obesity and diet high in vegetables.

2- Switzerland/Luxemburg.

The people of this area of the world are super fit because they are super into fitness. They tend to walk or bike to work and also not surprisingly also have high rates of longevity.

3- Morocco.

Healthy eating keeps the people of Morocco healthy and at an ideal weight. Their diet is rich in vegetables, good fat, fresh spices and green tea.

4- Iceland.

Iceland is actually the healthiest place in the world. Its low population density, clean air and clean water lead to long life expectancies and healthy babies.

5- Sweden.

Home to some of the cleanest air in the world, Sweden is also home to thin, healthy people who believe ‘happy people are healthy people.’


2 Responses to “The World’s Five Healthiest Places.”

  1. Rob March 31, 2012 at 2:23 pm #

    I was very surprised to see Luxembourg on the list! The World Health Organisation reports that 61% of Luxembourgers are overweight and 27% are obese. 69% have raised cholesterol. Over 30% of males smoke, 50% are “inactive”, and 40% die of CVD (source: And you are more likely to find horse steak on the menu there than a vegetarian risotto too!

    • Author March 31, 2012 at 2:40 pm #

      It is grouped with Switzerland in most of the things I came across so maybe they are ‘carrying some weight’ making Luxembourg look better in the numbers???
      Clean air, quality of life also come into play so maybe you have some of that good stuff going on.
      Trust me, I was super surprised to see a few of these places keep coming up and I KNEW I would get many ‘What the heck’ comments lol.
      Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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