Help Yourself. Help Your Kids.

26 Mar

We all know the obesity epidemic is not going anywhere soon, in fact it is not only growing but also trickling down to our pets and children. Many parents do not realize how bad it is for children to be carrying around extra weight and this day in age it is unfortunately the norm. So how do we change this? How do we get today’s children to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight? Well the latest research tells us that we must lead by example.

By indulging in healthy foods yourself your kids will see you eating the good stuff and want it too. Lets face it, kids don’t know what chips and candy are unless they see someone else eating it, then they want it. If a kid only knows fruits and veggies then that is what they will want to eat. The same goes for exercise. In defense of the kids, I must say, it is kind of unfair to tell your kids to exercise when you don’t. It always irked me that basketball coaches made us run suicides and they didn’t partake. It’s not like they had to do it all out but they could have led by example, if you know what I mean. So lead your kids, something as simple as an after dinner walk even walking the dog is another way to get the kids and the pet some exercise. Ride bikes as a family, take trips to the park, ask your kids what sports they want to try, you never know what they might end up being good at. Encourage them to be active and follow your own advice.

Totally taking away treats is unrealistic but a balance is easy to achieve with a little give and take. Kids are smart, explain to them that treats have more junk in them and if we want junk we gotta get some exercise. They will get it. But no matter what, never harp on a child’s weight to them, this is something that has had lasting effects on many adults I know today.  The things we carry with us into adulthood, huh? Lastly, get the kids involved, what kid does not like to mess around in the kitchen? The more you allow your children to help you plan the meals, the more likely they are to want to eat them. Plus they will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when a nice, healthy meal they helped make and pick out is served to the family 🙂


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