You Complete Me.

25 Mar

One of the many things people will knock about a vegetarian diet is its ‘lack of’ complete proteins. We have already proven this to be false by discussing 10 vegetarian sources of complete proteins, so don’t get deterred if someone tries to throw this false nonsense at you 😉 If you don’t know what a complete protein is, your not alone, its simple though. Basically a complete protein is a source of protein that contains an adequate amount of the 9 essential amino acids. The good news is when it comes to complete proteins it turns out, if it’s not complete then we can make it complete. Most sources of protein have another half, a ying to their yang per say, making it totally realistic to get all of the proper protein you need and then some, from a plant based diet. Here is a look at how it all comes together in rather tasty fashions…

Complete Protein Couples.

1- Legumes and Grains.

A burrito with black beans and rice sound good to anyone? Yeah, me too. That is all it takes to form a complete protein, a legume like black beans or kidney beans together with a grain like rice and your good to go. Hummus and pita is another tasty way to make it happen.

2- Grains and Dairy.

Oats, barley, wheat, all examples of grains commonly used in breads and breakfast cereals. To complete these proteins sprinkle a bit of granola on a Greek yogurt or make your morning oats with skim milk instead of water.

3- Seeds and Legumes.

What seems to be a simple salad can totally be a complete protein powerhouse in disguise. Add some chickpeas and sunflower or pumpkin seeds to your greens and veggies for a complete protein. Adding some pine nuts to hummus will also do the trick.

4- Nuts and Legumes.

Since peanuts are technically not a nut but a legume, this complete protein is the easiest of the bunch to make happen. Eat some mixed nuts, walnuts, cashews etc just make sure there are some peanuts in the mix.


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