Herban Cowboy.

16 Mar

When it comes to personal care products I tend to favor the smell of the gentleman’s grooming products as opposed to the women’s ones. I know I am not the only one, over the years I have heard many women talk about how they love the smell of men’s cologne and deodorant. I myself am guilty of using both and lucky for me, I can now do so cruelty-free.

Herban Cowboy is an truly awesome company that was started with a lot of hard work and a little money. They stay true to the reasons they started this company to begin with by offering high quality, all natural, 100% vegan grooming products for men. All of Herban Cowboys packaging is recyclable, all of their concoctions have a minimal impact on the environment and they understand that the little things add up. This is why the cover all the bases to be sure they are offering the best products while doing right by our planet and the animals.

When it comes to giving back. Herban Cowboys charity of choice is the National Arbor Day Foundation. They are proud sustaining corporate members of this charity which focuses on ‘the trees’. You can check out more about them here… http://www.arborday.org.

You can find Herban Cowboy products at Whole Foods, Wegmans, Target, GNC and of course Vitamin Shoppe, where you know I bought it from 😉 If you can’t locate them in stores then check out Drugstore.Com or Amazon, they both carry Herban Cowboy stuff.

http://www.herbancowboy.com/ Herban Cowboy Homepage.


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