Ricky. Ricky. Ricky.

15 Mar

At age 34, Ricky Williams was one of the oldest players in the NFL when he resigned last month. His outstanding career includes over 10,000 yards rushed, a feat only 26 players have ever achieved. His outstanding NFL career was powered by plants. That’s right, Ricky Williams, is a vegetarian.

Since going vegetarian Ricky says he lost 20 pounds of junk weight, he feels lighter, quicker and as if his body is in proper working order. I must agree with this statement because as we all know, once one switches to a plant-based diet, the body does indeed under go a shift, a very positive one. Ricky believes in a holistic lifestyle including natural healing, meditation and yoga. He is a certified yoga instructor and has actually taught free yoga classes in Toronto while he was playing in the football league in Canada.

As an active supporter of PETA, Ricky has even hosted a ‘Chicken Wing’ taste and eating competition in Miami with PETA. He taste tested the veg chicken wings on the market and let the people know which one he thought was the best. Since his retirement last month, William has stated that he is grateful for the wonderful experience he had in the NFL and he is excited to start his life after football. No matter Ricky chooses to do, we know he will do it with the utmost compassion and respect for the planet and all of its furry friends 🙂


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