Trader Joe’s Vegetable Masala Burger.

10 Mar

The only thing ‘burger-like’ about this Trader Joe’s Vegetable Masala Burger is its shape, other than that, it’s a whole other playing field. This frozen vegan patty, is potato based and spiced with Authentic Indian Spices. It also includes some bell peppers, green peppers, carrots and green beans. Whatever it contains tastes super good and passes my taste test 😉

Although low in protein and fiber, 2 and 1 grams respectively, once you add a deli flat and some greens and whatever else you plan to top it with, you are sitting in a much better position nutritionally. There are only 120 calories per burger and 4 come in one box. This is not a ‘mock meat’ product, this is something both veg heads and carnies will enjoy. I am not a huge fan of Indian food but I do like a few dishes and this burger just happens to catch the essence of them all .

Next time you are swinging through T.J’s pick of a box of these in the frozen foods section. They are the perfect mid-week, lazy dinner meal, they can be shoved in a pita or chopped on a salad. They have so much flavor I am sure they would even do fine on their own.


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