Tasty Treats Review: Vegan Danish Bakery.

8 Mar

‘We’re Vegan, We’re Danish and we Bake!’ Is the motto of this little gem of a shop in Thornhill, Ontario. Located about 20 minutes from downtown Toronto, what this bakery offers is unlike anything you will ever experience. Period. I had planned on writing this sooner but I have been putting it off because I honestly don’t know where to start lol. Ok. Maybe with the chocolate drizzled oatmeal cookies we ate 8 of? Or the insane chocolate chocolate chip cupcake topped with a whipped coconut icing? Gosh. That place is amazing and I am not the only one to think so. We found it on HappyCow.Com and the reviews on there were glowing so we just had to make the drive from our downtown hotel.

If you like danish then this place will be a slice of heaven for you. The danish. OMG. I mean really? It is unfairly good, so good we made it right to the front of the front door before we started to devour them. I had never had a danish that tasted like that before, it was perfection, I wish we got more but there was so much we wanted to try, we had to pick and choose. Besides danish and cupcakes and cookies there were also these delicious looking loaves of bread and lovely little truffles.

This bakery is just a small store front, there are no seats and I don’t think there is a bathroom. They also see Daiya cheeses, vegan sour cream, vegan cream cheese, soy milk, soy yogurt and some other mock meats. As well as Ami Dog and cat foods. This is really great for those of you who lead the veg life in that area, its a total one stop vegan shop in a way. For those of us who are not lucky enough to live by the Vegan Danish Bakery, if you ever find yourself visiting the Toronto area or even passing through you must stop or take a detour to stop at this place. A true gem, one of a kind 🙂

Vegan Danish Bakery. 7718 Yonge Street. Thornhill. Ontario. L4J 1W2. Canada. 905-882-1331. Closed Sunday and Monday. Tuesday-Friday 12-7. Saturday 12-6.

http://vegandanishbakery.com/ Vegan Danish Bakery Homepage.


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