Don’t Be Cruel.

6 Mar

Being a vegetarian is the best. The questions vegetarians are asked are the worst. And the way they are asked is even worse. Yes I understand that some people just don’t get it but asking people ‘Well what do you eat then?’ with an attitude problem is plain rude. Not to mention, it is not a well thought out question. If the questioner took 10 seconds to let the thought swirl around their head they would realize that vegetarians DON’T eat like 5-10 things out of a gazillion things to eat. Plus most of us are foodies so the list of the foods we do eat will go on and on. We love our food because it loves us back and we can talk about it FOREVER πŸ™‚

Maybe I am just being snotty because I fail to realize many people are not exposed to vegetarians on a daily basis. Maybe I take for granted how much I do know about food and health and I fail to realize others are not as into it as I am. Sure I will admit maybe I am a snob about this but it just seems as if the questions are always asked in a defensive way. They never seems to be asked inquisitively but almost in a condescending manner. Accusingly, as if I am purposely putting my body and health in jeopardy type way. I am always just like ‘Whoa YOU opened this flood gate, NOT me, don’t get mad it me cuz you don’t like the answers I am giving you.’ Maybe I just have a different perception as to what is considered to be rude, that very well could be πŸ˜‰

But all in all once I say ‘vegetarian’ there is an immediate shift in energy, feeling and tone in that room, conversation and the other persons/peoples being. Sometimes you get the HUGE SMILE from someone, those are the best cuz you know right away they are one of your kind, sometimes someone really does want to know. Those people rock too cuz you know they really do care and want to know whats up but then your stuck with the majority. The ones who think you are weird, or trying to prove a point or think you have an eating disorder.

I don’t even know the point of this post because I never really bitch without facts and stats lol. This is just a touchy subject that has been effecting me daily lately. People ask how I stay slim or how I have that figure or look younger or why I care about what I eat…all of these things come back to me being vegetarian. If you say you like my boots and ask me about them I am going to tell you they are faux and if you ask why then I will tell you. See where I am going with this? Sometimes I think people like me until they find out I am a vegetarian πŸ˜‰

Honestly I think the term ‘vegetarian’ ‘softens’ a lot of people I come in contact with, I see it in their face, even if they are hating on it, for the split second I see it. And I think that is why they get defensive because at the core, there is love and compassion in all beings. They know what is up even if they don’t want to say it. Even if that full connection is not made then, that thought will linger. It has to, there is no way around it. I told one lady at my nail salon I was vegetarian 2 years ago, now ever woman there, even ones I never met, know I am vegetarian and they talk about it with me all the time πŸ™‚

That’s how I am going to leave this post, with good vibes because sometimes, ‘you gotta take a little dirt to keep what you love’.


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