Gym Skins.

3 Mar

If you lift weights and have been for sometime, you will eventually get to a point where the weights your holding are too heavy for your hands and wrists to bear. This is crazy uncomfortable and causes one to compromise their form and rep amounts. Both of those things are not a good look. Sure wearing gloves will take care of some of this but not all of it, that is where using ‘straps’ or a product like ‘Gym Skins’ comes into play.

Personally I am not too fond of straps, they are too much of a pain for the way I train but Gym Skins are a whole other playing field. These little guys are light weight and easy to use and they provide a whole bunch of grip and cushion with no fuss. You simply place Gym Skins in the palm of your hand, wrap your hand around the weight you were planning to use and boom dadda, your good to go. It’s that simple yet it makes such a big difference.

I have been using Gym Skins for the past month religiously and I have way less pain in my wrists and fingers. I also feel I am utilizing the muscles I am trying to work out way more than I was before. Before I was so worried about losing my grip I would speed through my set a bit quickly and cut off a couple of reps simply cuz my hands and wrists could not take it.

With Gym Skins you truly can… Gym Skins Homepage.


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