1 Mar

Is anyone else super picky about lip balm or is it just me? This goes for the men too cuz lets face it chapped, dry lips don’t discriminate 😉 I used the same chapstick for years but it has beeswax and lanolin in it so now I am just turned off and done. Luckily I came across HURRAW! at the Veg Fest in Toronto last year and its been smooth sailing ever since.

HURRAW! is an all natural, vegan lip balm that rocks. It does not smell too much nor it is all goopy and glossy, it goes on smooth and leaves your lips feeling super moisturized. On top of being vegan, all of the ingredients they use are raw and fair trade and they make each batch by hand. HURRAW! has even gone and got themselves ‘Vegan Certified’  so you there is no-nonsense going on, this is an ethical company all around. Organic, Kosher and Gluten-Free are just a few more key selling points of these amazing lip balms. And the flavors, fuhgeddaboudit, if you can’t find something you like from coconut to green tea or coffee bean then you can always just grab the basic sunscreen balm and keep it movin.

Check Em Out Here… HURRAW! Homepage.


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