Shop Here: Food Fight.

25 Feb

Food Fight is a vegan grocery store that is located in Portland, Oregon. Of course it is, cuz that is all the way across the country from me 😦 Something REALLY needs to be done about Jersey’s Veg Scene, over all it is rather lame and this is very unacceptable, especially since we are the most densely populated state in the nation. Don’t know how we don’t have one of these but I want one, really bad. Established in 2003, Food Fight is an awesome concept in veg living.

Imagine walking into a grocery store knowing EVERYTHING you look at, touch and see is vegan? No need to read 7.000 labels or worry about craptastic ingredients at Food Fight. They carry everything from mock meats to vegan sweets and apparently the strip mall they are located is super vegan friendly too. With an cruelty-free clothing store and bakery all in the same place you cannot miss this when you are in Portland.

I have never been to Portland but believe it or not it is quite high on my lists of places to see in America. And stores like this are the reason, I just envision there to be a lot more vegan friendly places then there are over here. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right, who knows. All I do know is next time you are in Portland you have a new place to go, Food Fight. If you can’t make it to Portland you can always support Food Fight by ordering right off their website, they have a $10 minimum which as we all know, this day in age, isn’t much.

Food Fight. Open Everyday From 10am-8pm. 1217 SE Stark St. Portland. Oregon. 97214. Food Fight Homepage.


2 Responses to “Shop Here: Food Fight.”

  1. Alicia February 25, 2012 at 7:01 pm #

    I do live in Portland, and yes, Food Fight is awesome! They have everything from vegan marshmallows to mushroom jerky. I have been going there for years.

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