Natures Answer.

24 Feb

I recently looked at my vitamin and supplement bottles and realized that I have a lot of Natures Answer supplements. These vegetarian capsules are my little gems, if you have not noticed most vitamins and supplements contain gelatin a big no-no to us on the stricter end of the spectrum. Natures Answer also happens to be a pretty cool company, they are family run since 1972 and offer over 500 different products for children and adults. They are known for their liquid supplements that can easily be thrown in a smoothie and they offer tons of vegan/vegetarian options.

Its better to know who offers what before you enter a store to buy vitamins and supplements if you are a veg head cuz once you get in there it can be quite ridiculous to locate anything cruelty-free. Natures Answer offers every supplement a vegan or vegetarian could want so next time you’re looking keep an eye out for their logo. Natures Answer Homepage.


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