Get To Steppin’

22 Feb

I never used the Reebok Step things at my gym until last month. Now I am hooked. After years of squats and lunges I was looking to add some more exercises to my work out routine. Since I live in a walk up, that is almost 60 steps up and down, add 3 dogs that need to be walked and the fact that the laundry/garbage/recycling/mail are all on the ground floor and you will come to see that some days I literally walk up and down those stairs 50 times. Hence the fact I NEVER step on a ‘Step Mill’ or ‘Stair Climber’ at the gym. Ha. Right. NEVER. I look at those things and cringe not cuz they scare me but cuz walking stairs all day, everyday is my norm and there is no way I am going to add another 30 minutes of stair climbing to my life. But I know the benefits of it and I know gravity is not on my butts side so I decided to compromise with the Reebok Step. All I can think of when I look at that thing is…’How 80’s is this?’ but I don’t hate cuz that little invention is a KILLER.

No only can you step, step, step your way to a high, round tush you can also use the stepper for push ups, triceps dips and ab exercises. You can actually almost do a whole work out with that one step and one pair of dumbbells. It is amazing and butt kicking. Lately I have been doing step ups with 20 lbs in each hand and side step ups also with 20’s. I do my calf’s on there too, while holding 25lbs and honestly love doing push ups on it. Since you don’t have to change equipment you get to plow through your work out with little rest so you are optimizing your calorie burn and keeping your muscles engaged and working.

There are tons of different work outs to do on a Reebok Step. There are lots of DVD’s you can do in the comfort of your own home, where you can work at your own pace. I see some for as cheap at $5 on the internet and I know for a fact you can pick up a step for next to nothing on Craigslist or even for free at Freecycle. If you can’t find them there you can always buy one for $50 at Target, that is a minimal investment for a piece of exercise equipment you can and will use almost everyday.

Now Get To Steppin’


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