Vegin’ Out In So Cal.

16 Feb

So if you live in So Cal you may want to check out Vegin’ Out. Vegin’ Out is So Cal’s premier vegan food delivery service. Offering home deliveries every Monday, Vegin’ Out makes and dishes out some delicious vegan meals for those of you who are too busy or simply not interested in cooking. They have several different meal plan options depending on how many people you will be feeding. A single order gives you about 9-10 meals of ready-made vegan goodness delivered right yo your door. All you have to do is throw the food in the fridge once you get home or freeze it if you plan on keeping it around for more than 7 days.

The food options Vegin’ Out offers sound DELICIOUS and from all the reviews and comments apparently they taste just as good as they sound. They use 75% organic ingredients and each dish comes with specific heating directions so you reap the best tasting, ready to eat, vegan food around. So if you are looking to make a break into the veg lifestyle, a situation like Vegin’ Out could be really good for you. It gets you running on a plant-based diet, all the while giving you ideas for recipes and dishes you can make on your own. Even if you are already a veg head, who’s going to complain about someone cooking for them? Didn’t think so 😉 Vegin’ Out Homepage.

Santa Fe Penne.


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