Kris Nations.

15 Feb

Kris Nations is a jewelry company that makes all of their creations from recycled metals. By working with metal refiners, they are able to use metal from an already existing supply instead of having to dig into the Earth and disrupt it to find some more. The process of mining metals can be very harsh on the environment. Mining pollutes water sources, disrupts the natural habitats where animals live and leaves us with many poor ecological situations after the fact. These are things Kris Nations wants no part of.

Making a bit of everything from necklaces to earrings, all of their jewelry is unique, beautiful and made in the USA. Anything you fancy can be ordered off of their website and they offer $6 flat fee shipping which you can’t beat with a bat. Priced in a fair fashion, Kris Nations also discounts their items for sales so keep an eye on their site if there is a piece you want to buy, you maybe able to snag it for cheaper. Another cool thing they offer is bridal party jewelry. A very personal and unique way to say ‘Thank You’ to your bridal party in an eco-friendly way 🙂 Kris Nations Homepage.

Circle Disco Cuff In Gold.


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