Excuse My French?

13 Feb
English: Stop sign in Quebec Français : Pannea...

Here in the USA we tend to look to the French for advice about a lot of things. From fashion to weight loss, we seem to think that France has all the answers for our problems. Well it turns out that France has a couple of its own problems that luckily, we do not have here in America. The issue I am here to complain about today is the fact that the country of France has banned all and any vegetarian/vegan meals in their schools. Pretty freakin lame huh?

This new law states that all protein options given at French schools must be in the form of meat or dairy. If a child chooses to use the cheese as their source of protein then they must also eat another serving of dairy, a yogurt, to fulfill their new lunch requirements. None of this is all that shocking considering that France is a country that is known to LOVE eating meat. From rabbit to duck, kids in France eat it all and it seems as if the government is stead fast on not breaking ‘tradition’. But are they not concerned with all that saturated fat in the meat and dairy they are forcing their kids to eat?

The French have long been bowed down to for their ability to stay slim yet eat diets full of meat, cheese and wine, the French also have the highest cholesterol rates in all of Europe, around 250. Here in America we hover around 200. Both are high but you see where I am going with this. France is also a ‘Free Country’, as we are, yet they are enforcing something like this? Seems kind of misplaced in their society if you ask me, the French have always been seen as ‘progressive’ with their views on marriage, child rearing and of course fashion. What about kids who can’t eat meat for health reasons? Religious reasons? Moral reasons? I mean what a bad position to put children and their families in, it really is such a shame 😦

I don’t think a vegetarian diet every killed anyone but we all know a meat based one sure has.



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