So Greek.

11 Feb

Being that I am a fan of coconut milk yogurt you know I had to try So Delicious’ newest member of the coconut milk yogurt family, the Greek version. Not only do I think that it is awesome that Turtle Mountain is expanding their product line but the actual product itself is a really good Greek yogurt alternative. Since all of So Delicious Coconut Milk products are Certified Vegan you can safely choose anyone you want without having to wonder.

So Delicious Greek Style yogurt is all natural non-gmo, Kosher, soy free, gluten-free and made with organic coconuts. While the protein content pales in comparison to regular Greek yogurt, 2 grams vs 15 grams, the fiber content is amazing. There are 8 grams of fiber in one serving of this coconut based Greek yogurt vs 0 in regular Greek yogurt. So the scales balance out to a degree 🙂 This yogurt does contain all the same live, active cultures that regular yogurt does and no they are not sourced from dairy. To round out the nice nutrition profile of this yogurt, we have a great amount of vitamins D and B12 and also quite a bit of Calcium and Magnesium.

I have tried almost every product in the So Delicious line and they all rock, with lines of products like this vegans need not miss out on anything. The best part is that there is not need for trips to additional stores because Turtle Mountain seems to be everywhere these days. Check your dairy isle, you maybe surprised as to what you find… So Delicious Greek Style Coconut Yogurt.


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