Viva Reviva.

8 Feb

When it comes to face and body care one can never be too cautious these days. Most products seem to be loaded with fillers and chemicals yet the media is constantly telling us how ‘Great’ these products are. ‘Great’ for them cuz they get an advertising kick back or something but great for us? I think not. I got played FOR YEARS by a big name beauty brand. I bought their products religiously and swore they were working. They never did work, I simply had youth in my corner. Once I hit my late 20’s I started to realize just how much of nothing these big company face products in fact did for me. So I made the switch, the first thing to go was the body creams, that went to St. Ives and next it was my face creams. They all had to go, had to be switched to something natural and cruelty-free without animal products. Needless to say, the hunt was on and my first stop was Reviva.

The first product I used from Reviva was their ‘Skin Lightening Cream’ to reverse all the damage those stupid tanning beds did to my face skin. Ugh, it was HORRIBLE I was so blotchy, it’s not so funny to see what your skin really looks like once you stop having that fake tan to cover up the damage. I cried for days, literally, I thought I still had good skin and boy I thought wrong. Once I got on the Reviva train I never looked back. I loved this product so much that I just kept on collecting whatever sounded good to me by then. Some eye cream, some serum’s, a little body lotion, you name it I tried it and I am happy to say at this point I am almost 3 years strong with Reviva and my skin has not been this nice since I was in my early 20’s.

Reviva rocks for many reasons, first off they are cruelty-free, they do not and never have tested any of their products on animals. Secondly, they do not use any animal derived ingredients in their products, so there is no need to worry where or how the contents of your goods were sourced. Thirdly, Reviva uses tons of natural ingredients. If you have ever had any doubts as to if natural products can hold their own against the chemical nonsense we are sold, then please think again. That man-made junk has nothing on Vitamins A, C and E, once you try it for yourself you will see. Reviva can be found at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods as well as many other local health food stores and markets. And like always if you can’t find Reviva products near you, you can always order them on-line from Amazon or right on their own website.

Stop wasting your money on marketing schemes and get the solution to your skin problem with Reviva. Reviva Labs Homepage.


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