Couch Guitar Straps.

7 Feb
Couch Guitar Straps

Couch Guitar Straps are the bomb. This line of cruelty-free, vegan guitar straps has been in business since 1999 and they use about 25% recycled materials to make their beautiful straps. Handmade from vinyl and car seat belt material, each strap is unique and original. Keeping all you big guys in mind, the Couch Guitar Strap can be adjusted to be a whole 6 inches longer than the average guitar strap.

Couch are also the makers of cruelty-free, sweat shop free, vegan belts that are made from automotive and upholstery vinyls. All of their products are made to last in Downtown Los Angles. Couch works hard to sell directly to the customer making their product a lot more affordable than many of the other vegan belt companies we come across. For about $20 bucks you can have a killer vegan belt delivered right to your door. Can’t beat that.

Now if you don’t need a guitar strap or a belt, maybe you are in need of a wallet or a camera strap? Couch can also help you out in those departments. With everything priced super fair, you can pick up a little something for everyone on your ‘I Need A Present For Them’ list 😉

Rock On Over Here… Couch Homepage.


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