Power Crunch.

3 Feb

To be honest there are not too many protein bars that I like. Most are loaded with junk, artificial flavors and colors as well as gelatin and other nonsense I have no interest in eating. On top of that many protein bars simply do not taste good, this is not the case with Power Crunch. This wafer-like protein bar is unlike any other protein bar on the market for several reasons. First off, the texture. Power Crunch is light and yummy, not heavy and chalky. Secondly, it has limited ingredients and from what I can tell, they are all natural. Third, Power Crunch uses a highly absorbable, high quality whey protein, not some random junk like other protein bars. And lastly, the taste. Power Crunch is soooo good. It does not taste like a protein bar at all. Mark my words on that 😉

When it comes to flavors, Power Crunch has all the bases covered. Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry, Cookies and Creme etc. I must confess that the Vanilla one is my favorite. It is so good, taste just like those vanilla sugar wafer things with the creme in them and I am not even a vanilla kinnda chick. Yummy. I also really dig the chocolate peanut butter one, it is the best chocolate peanut butter protein bar on the market. I know it is a popular combination but Power Crunch nails it. These bars are low in sugar, have 13-14 grams of protein per bar and have the perfect ratio of carbs, protein and fat. To top if off, Power Crunch is safe to diabetics to eat.

Now run and try one of these, you will not regret it…

http://www.bnrg.com/Products/PowerCrunch.aspx All About Power Crunch.


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