Americas Fittest Cities.

2 Feb

I have a feeling most of you will be surprised to know that the fittest city in America is Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota. I know I was, when I think fit in America I automatically think Cali or like Denver but good for Minnesota because being the fittest city in America is nothing to scoff at. The American College of Sports Medicine complied a list of the top 50 fittest cities in America, the criteria was a little something like this…how many parks the city has, how often the people in the city use those parks, how often the people in the particular city work out/do some physical exercise, rates of obesity and other health related diseases and the percentage of people who smoke cigarettes. With all this information taken into consideration the votes were tallied up and here is who came out on top.

America’s 10 Fittest Cities.

10- Sacramento, California.

Sacramento has a high percentage of people who walk or ride their bikes to work and most of their population cops to eating 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day. There are lots of parks in Sacramento and they have a very low rate of smokers and a low rate of deaths from diabetes. All of these positives land them at number 10.

9- Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Virginia Beach, largest city and part of large...

Virginia Beach has a huge percentage of park land in their city and their residents also claim to eat their 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day. Virginia Beach has a low rate of heart disease but they tend to smoke a bit more than their counterparts which places them at number 9.

8- Seattle, Washington.

Residents of Seattle have ample access to farmers markets, dog parks, people parks and lots of people ride their bikes or walk to work. A low unemployment rate combined with an above average household income, plus an abundance of health care providers allow Seattle to slide in at number 8.

7- Hartford, Connecticut.

The people of Hartford admit to eating well and taking part in some type of physical activity most days. Full of farmers markets, parks, baseball fields and swimming pools, Hartford manages to have a low percentage of obesity and diabetes related deaths. Not as many people walk or bike to work in Hartford therefore locking this city in at number 7.

6- San Francisco, California.

English: Picture of San Francisco at Sunset. F...

In San Fran the people are generally not obese, they do not smoke and they walk, bike or use public transportation to get to where they are going. Combine all this good stuff with the fact that San Fran has a lot less households under the poverty level then the rest of America and a low death rate related to diabetes. The only downfall is their lack of parks, keeping them at number 6.

5- Denver, Colorado.

Denver comes in at number 5 with their low death rates from diabetes and cardiovascular disease and their high percentage of people who partake in physical activities everyday. Denver has tons of parks, golf courses and swimming pools, making all things fit easily accessible to the people of Denver.

4- Portland, Oregon.

At number 4 we have Portland. Portland has a lot of people who claim to exercise at least moderately most days, they have a low rate of heart disease and they have a lot of park space on city land. Lots of golf courses, dog parks and an above average household income all contribute to the pluses of Portland’s fitness.

3- Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston boosts a low obesity rate, a low death rate from diabetes and heart disease, they have tons of parks and most people admit to working it out almost everyday. They have a low rate of smokers and a high rate of people who walk or bike to work, add a bunch of baseball fields to the mix and you have your third fittest city in America.

2- Washington, D.C.

Our Nations Capital comes in second place with their low unemployment rates, their above average household incomes and their admission to eating their fruits, veggies and whole grains. D.C. residents have access to many parks, pools and health care providers but lacks dog parks.

1- St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota.

And the fittest city in America is St Paul-Minneapolis. With their low obesity rates, low percentage of diabetes related deaths and cardiovascular disease related deaths, low smoking percentage and  low asthma percentage, Minnesota comes out on top. Besides all those positives, the St Paul area also has tons of parks and farmers markets and lots of people bike or walk to work 🙂

English: Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA ...

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