Welcome To New Jersey: If The Cost Of Living Doesn’t Kill You Then Try The Fish.

1 Feb

Jersey City, New Jersey

Ok, sooo I am FROM Jersey, like a for real born and raised Italian/Irish Jersey Girl, no wanna be New Yorker from ‘Jersey Shore’ here. Don’t get it twisted 😉 Since I am from here and I still live here,  I feel as if I have earned the right to talk smack about my state. 31 years deep, yeah, I think I earned it. The most common complaints you will hear from me about Jerz are how crowded it is with rude, rude, rude people and secondly how disgustingly dirty it is. Sure some parts of Jersey aren’t that dirty but if you can’t afford to live there, chances are you would never know this. Overall it is painfully polluted and now our fish our paying the price.

I honestly can’t say I am shocked to learn most of our fish here are toxic and that infants, children, pregnant women and women in their childbearing years should not be eating them. Yeah, all women in their childbearing years, that is like ages 18-40, should not eat most of the fish from the waters of N.J. Is that scary or what? I often wonder how people even fish in the water here.  I don’t even go in water if I can’t see my toes, let alone eat something from those waters. We get ‘poop in the water’ warnings around here, yet people eat the fish from these rivers. GROSS. If I was not already a vegetarian I would be one after hearing all this nasty stuff, thanks but no thanks.

And if you don’t fall into the ‘childbearing years’ or child period categories you still have to limit your intake of most Dirty Jersey fish. Most fish here you can only eat once a month and some only 4 times a year if you don’t want to get sick. This is such a shame. NJ grosses me out. We destroy EVERYTHING then kill whats left. Like the bear hunt. Like them killing the deer that live in the South Mountain RESERVATION. The need to kill and destroy runs so deep in Jersey. They should be proud to know not only is our land used, abused, barren from toxins and over populated but our air quality sucks and eating the fish from here can kill us.

Dirty Fish From Dirty Jerz.

http://www.state.nj.us/dep/dsr/fishadvisories/freshwater-advisories.htm Fish Warnings For NJ

English: Sunset at Sunset Beach in Cape May, NJ


3 Responses to “Welcome To New Jersey: If The Cost Of Living Doesn’t Kill You Then Try The Fish.”

  1. corey February 3, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    Thank you for the Info and sure enough if I get to the part of waiting some fish I will make sure to read the package carefully to see where it comes from.

    • Author February 3, 2012 at 7:20 pm #

      You never know these days and you can’t be too safe.


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