Try A Zevia.

31 Jan

I am not a super soda person, I didn’t grow up in a house where soda was available and have always had an odd dislike for ‘drinking my calories’. Is that weird? I would rather eat those calories, thank you very much. Anyways, a Zevia coupon fell out of one of my many magazines recently and it make me say ‘Hmm, Interesting’. So while checking out at Whole Foods yesterday, I notice stacks of this soda next to the register. Couponless, I figure, ‘Why Not.’ and I give it a try. Being that I have tried man natural sodas in cola flavor and had a strong dislike for most of them, I decided to not go with the cola flavor this time. I wanted to give Zevia a fair shot so I went for their Ginger Root Beer, sounds good enough right? So armed with my Ginger Root Beer I go…

See the thing about Zevia is that it is not only all natural but it has zero calories. Zero calories without the chemicals is like some freak of nature situation, in a good way. One glance at the ingredients and I notice wintergreen oil, lemon oil and I realize that these guys are not playing. Couldn’t wait so I opened this room temperature can of soda and went to town. Wow. Right away I was like WOW, this stuff is GOOD. No chemicals, no weird aftertaste just a full flavored, natural tasting soda. You could taste all the individual oils coming together to create such a unique balance of Ginger and Root Beer, very good soda. Unlike any soda I have ever had before, a wonderful alternative to the sugar and chemical laden junk we see everyday.

Zevia is made in the USA and is sweetened with stevia making it safe for pregnant women and diabetics to consume. Zevia is also vegan to boot so really, there is no way you can go wrong with this product. It comes in lots of great flavors like grape, cream, orange and lemon lime to name a few. You can find Zevia at tons of places from Price Chopper and Hannafords to Whole Foods and Wegmans, check their website for all of the retail locations and of course you can buy this soda on-line if you cannot find it at a store near you. Zevia Homepage.


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