Proving Its Never Too Late To Lose Weight.

28 Jan

This post is about my parents and their tremendous weight loss accomplishments and how they did it. See I figured I needed to do this post for a few reasons, first off it needed to be done because their weight loss, especially my mothers has been so extreme, they look like totally different people. Secondly, the are not vegetarians but they eat a massive amount of plants and whole foods, their diet is rather amazing and I feel as if I need to touch on how they eat. And lastly they deserve some props, simple as that cuz let’s face it, dropping 5-10 pounds in your 50’s is hard, now imagine dropping damn near 60 pounds???? Your telling me 😉

My parents were always on the ‘younger’ side of the parenting spectrum, I came along when they were 24 but if you saw pictures of them back in the days you would guess 18-19 years old. This proved to be odd when we were sent to a high school full of rich kids whose parents all had them in their late 30’s and 40’s lol. My young parents managed to have three teenagers before the age of 40!!! All girls to boot lol. That just blows my mind since at 31, I have 0 kids, I cannot even imagine. My father was the first one to hit the weight loss parade, after we moved out of the house he started running again. When we were growing up he was ALWAYS active with us and our sports teams, he coached all 4 of us in some caliber and he tried to teach us about eating well too. He was never one to give us sugary snacks or treats and I think I can count on both hands, the amount of times he took us to eat fast food. So needless to say, as the time went by he put on some weight but that all changed a few years back and now he is super slim. And not in a bad way. Seeing him be active at 57 years young is really great, it is so nice to buy your dad running gear as a gift, to spread the health and wellness that exercise brings. Now in 2012 I can say I have never seen my dad more trim, his ‘always been good’ eating habits are paying off and so is his running. He will enter his 60’s in amazing physical condition which will help him to ward off lots of the health issues that come with aging. No extra weight to stress his joints and internal organs, nice cholesterol levels and a healthy heart, all important parts of leading a full life that you can actually enjoy 🙂

Now my mother, I really don’t know how to put her weight loss into words, it’s simply unreal. From a size 16 to a size 6 and still shrinking? I mean come on. How many people have a mother who is a size 6 about to be a 4? Not many. I never did either until recently. My mother is a short woman so every pound counts, after 4 kids she was really not that heavy but then the years of sitting at a desk for work and not watching what she ate added on the pounds. I know that being over weight was not something my mother enjoyed, some people are ok with gaining some pounds and that is cool but my mom was not one of them. She is an amazing cook, she can make anything taste good so this was how she started her weight loss journey, cooking and eating what she got from the farmers markets. All of that fresh, healthy produce helped her start to shed the pounds. Little by little it came off, then she did something amazing, she quit drinking. And if you think drinking does not pack on pounds then email my mom lol. Ever since she quit drinking the weight just feel off. When I hugged her at Christmas it was like a different person, I was in shock. Then last week I went to see her and she was wearing jeans, soooo skinny it was unreal. She has managed this massive weight loss without the aid of exercise, this weight loss has been strictly food educed and has shown me just how important what we eat is and how it can change our lives, for the better, so quickly. I cannot even imagine how she will look once she starts to exercise and tone up. Watch out!!!

So both parents, aged 56 and 57 years young, lose weight yet manage to keep it off. How? Their diet. I will use this last paragraph to explain how they eat because how they eat is obviously the golden ticket. They eat lots of plants, lots. Everything my mom makes seems to have more veggies then not in it. They say YES TO CARBS, good carbs like brown rice and buckwheat. They eat fruit and use natural things to spice up their foods, they hardly have any processed foods in their house and even if it takes a few minutes more, my mom will cook instead of ordering in. I find that she prepares hearty things that fill you up, like soups chock full of veggies and grains, stir fries that are light on the oil but heavy on the veggies. Colorful dishes, well balanced dishes and dishes made from scratch. My mother makes scratch cooking look very easy but when she breaks it down, it really is simple. They do not rely on much frozen foods (as I do) and they do not use ‘fake’ foods. No sugar substitutes or anything like that. If something has sugar in it then it has sugar in it, same thing goes for butter and cheese. They eat whole real foods, get full and keep it moving. Their diet is so basic and so healthy it is almost a no brainier and I could not be more proud of them. Keep in mind that my parents are 2 normal people, no nutritionists or fancy things to help them along, they work and have things to do just like everyone else. All it takes is the will to want to lead a better, healthier and happier life, you can do it too, anyone can do it, it comes from within. I am so proud of them, I could shout it from a mountain top but since I live in Hudson County, NJ, I will type it from the Palisades Cliff top instead 😉

Mom and Dad, keep up the good work and thank you for being positive role models for us (your 4 kids, 3 of us vegetarians),  your grandson(s) and everyone else who thinks they are ‘too old’, ‘too poor’, ‘too tired’ or ‘too over it’ to lose weight and reclaim their life as theirs. I thank you both for being eternally youthful and for wanting more and better from your lives, it is really wonderful and such a blessing!!!


12 Responses to “Proving Its Never Too Late To Lose Weight.”

  1. wartica January 28, 2012 at 11:19 am #

    I totally agree; it’s never too late to give back to yourself – no matter what age you are. I had a friend of mine – that is 27 years old – tell me that he was too old to become “healthy.” I couldn’t believe it and just shook my head. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

    • Author January 28, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

      Thanks so much. I am glad to hear someone else say that it’s never too late, we only live once!!!
      Thanks for stopping by 😉

  2. Iago Chao February 5, 2012 at 12:47 pm #

    Like your post. Keep it going !!!

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