25 Jan

The beauty industry is one of the most awful industries when it comes to animal cruelty and abuse. It seems as if they test everything on poor animals and if that is not enough, they also tend to use animal ingredients in damn near everything. From gelatin to tallow, it’s sometimes a tricky maze to navigate when it comes to what is safe to use and what is not. Not only are the products many use filled with animal by products, so are the very tools many use to apply these products to their face and body. This is where we all welcome Eco Tools in our lives and make up bags 😉

Eco Tools was started in 2008 and their goal was/is to offer eco-friendly, Earth friendly cosmetic and bath tools. Their products are made of bamboo, recycled aluminum and of course cruelty free bristles. This is so important because many make up brushes are made from horse or other animal hairs and we all know, none of us want to be using animals hair to fix our faces. Eco Tools make up bags are made from cotton and hemp, as well as recycled plastic and their body care line is also cruelty free and not tested on animals. As this company grows they are covering more and more bases in the beauty and cosmetic world and this is just what the industry needs!!!

Eco Tools, An Earth and Animal Friendly Way To Fix Your Face. Eco Tools Homepage.


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