Rising Moon Organics.

24 Jan

The folks at Rising Moon Organics sure know how to make delicious vegan and vegetarian foods. The best thing about Rising Moon is that they are a vegetarian company that makes lots of Italian food options minus the animal rennet. Think frozen pizzas, pasta sauce and ravioli to name a few. For over 20 years now, Rising Moon Organics has been focused on producing top-notch foods that you will feel good about serving to your family, friends and children. I can safely say, job well done 😉

Personally, I love Rising Moon Organics, I have munched on many of their foods and everything I have had has been delicious. Last week I had their butternut squash ravioli and it was amazing. The best part was that they were vegan. Most pumpkin or squashed based ravioli have either a tiny bit of cheese or eggs in them but not these ones. They were super. I noticed on their website that they offer lots of vegan friendly options to snoop around and see what you can find. Their website is rad, they have a whole section that talks and teaches you about the vegetarian diet and its benefits. It is very informative and makes me happy to see that Rising Moon goes the extra mile in every aspect of their business. You can find Rising Moon Organics at Whole Foods, Kings, Wegman’s and local health food stores to name a few. If you can’t seem to locate them you can always buy them on-line right on their website.

Rising To The Occasion.

http://risingmoon.com/ Rising Moon Homepage.


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