Plate It Black.

22 Jan

So black is the new color in superfoods. Research is showing us that many black foods are packed with vitamins and other nutrients that can do our bodies good.

Here are 6 of the hottest black superfoods on the block…

Ceylon Tea Leaves

1- Black Tea. Everyone is always sweating green, with good reason but it turns out that black tea has its own set of benefits to offer. Black tea contains theaflavins which have been shown to help you recover from the muscle soreness that comes along with a hard work out. Other studies tell us that drinking black tea may also reduce your risk for heart attack.

2- Blackberries. Berries are on every single good for you, eat this food list, known to mankind. So seeing them on this list is not shocking. Blackberries are packed with fiber which will help you feel fuller for longer and well as help to aid in digestion. These berries also contain poyphenols which clean up the brain cells that impair brain function, this is especially important in advanced age when our cognitive abilities start to go.

3- Black Rice. The goth of the grain family contains a hull that is packed with Vitamin E. Vitamin E not only strengthens our immune system, it also protects our cells from free radical damage. This will give us better skin and a healthier body. Black rice actually contains more antioxidants then blueberries which are a power house in their own right.

4- Black Beans. Black beans are my favorite type of beans so I was super excited to see them on this list. The skin is where it is at when it comes to black beans, they are packed with bioflavonoids, which are strong plant base nutrients that have been shown to help protect against cancer according to some research.

Français : Lentilles Beluga English: Black Bel...

5- Black Lentils. There is tons of iron in black lentils, one cup gives you more than half your recommended daily allowance. Black lentils are also full of fiber which has been shown to not only lower your cholesterol but it may also help improve our bodies immune function so you will be stronger and stay full longer if you toss some of these into your soup, salad or side dish.

6- Black Soybeans. All soy beans contain a type of Omega-3 acid called alphalinoelic acid, which has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. The thing about black soybeans is that they have been shown to reduce a type of  potentially fatal blood clot known as thrombosis better than both green and yellow soy beans can.


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