Serving Up Vegetarian Goodness For Over A Century.

20 Jan

Most restaurants fail before they hit the 3 year mark, I am sure many assumed the same fate would happen to Hiltl when it opened in Zürich back in 1898. Yup 1898. That is not a typo, that is 114 years ago to be exact when Hiltl opened it doors and started serving all vegetarian food, all the time, making it the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world. This family run restaurant is now in the hands of its 4th generation, they pride themselves in serving delicious and worldly vegetarian cuisine. They employ people from 40 difference countries so their global influence runs deep when it comes to food choices and preparation.

Hiltl is owned and  operated by the Hiltl family, in 2006 the restaurant went though a total renovation and now includes a cooking school, a cafe and of course the restaurant which sees over 1,500 customers per day. I am sure the first generation of owners would have never imagined their restaurant has grown so much and become a destination for vegetarians all over the world. Since the current generation has had so much success they have branched out into the fast food market by creating a chain of vegetarian fast food restaurants. ‘Tidbits By Hiltl’ currently has 4 locations in Switzerland and 1 in London. I am so JEALOUS. I want nothing more than to have vegetarian fast food restaurants around here.

So if you ever find yourself in Zürich, Switzerland you must go to Hiltl. I have always wanted to go to Switzerland and now I have another destination to see there and reason to go. Check out the links below for a story about the restaurant and the link to their homepage. This is the link to read the site in English. Hiltl Homepage, English Version. Cool Story About Hiltl.


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